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Las Vegas HIV Testing

Our Las Vegas HIV testing process offers our clients accurate and simple HIV tests. We provide the same tests you would receive during a visit to your doctor, but without the hassle and humiliation of an office visit. We have more than 10 Las Vegas HIV testing facilities for your convenience. All of our facilities maintain the same high standard of reliability and privacy.

What is the test?

Our clients have access to both the HIV Antibody test and the HIV DNA by PCR test - the two most successful tests for HIV detection.

What does the testing procedure look like?

Both HIV tests require a simple blood sample. There are no swabs, no urine samples, and it takes no more than ten minutes to complete.

How should I prepare?

The best part is that HIV testing requires no preparation. Simply pre-order your test and go to a Las Vegas HIV testing facility. Since our testing centers collect several different kinds of specimens, no one in the waiting room will know the reason for your visit.

How will I receive my results?

Clients are notified in 72 business hours or less via a private email. This email will contain instructions for logging into our website to review the results of your test.

What happens to my test results?

You have complete control over what happens to your test results. Some clients choose to delete their results, while others prefer to share them with their partners or doctors. If your results are positive, our Las Vegas HIV testing centers include a Free Doctor Consult to walk you through the next steps.

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* All patient requests for test orders are subject to review and authorization by our doctors in compliance with state laws.

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