Las Vegas STD testing centers

As a convenience to our Las Vegas patient, several Las Vegas STD testing centers are conveniently located through the Las Vegas area. Since pre-ordering is required, contact us at (866) 661-7942 before visiting the lab of your choice. 

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STD Testing at your convenience

By working with testing centers in the Las Vegas area, we know we can provide you with a convenient STD testing option near you.

Our patients are satisfied

I've never used this service before and I'm truly glad that I did! This whole process far exceeded my expectations! From my initial interaction on the phone to getting the test and my results back - the experience was convenient, very fast, private and professional. The care advisors on the phone are great to interact with and are very professional and helpful. I will be recommending this service to others and won't hesitate to use this service again in the future if I need to. Anonymous patient
If you're reading this right now and wondering if this is the company you want to trust your sexual health is! I ordered a test on monday night, went to the lab on Tuesday morning at 8:30 am, and received my results at 10am on Thursday morning. Faster than expected, and everyone involved was extremely understanding and caring. If you're worried about STDs, order a test today. You deserve to know. Anonymous patient
I can't think of any simpler or more discreet way of getting tested. Online registration, walk-in labs, no wait (at least when I went in, around 9am). Results came in a couple days. Everything is online, private and secure. Very glad I found this service. Anonymous patient

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Insurance for a minimum cost of
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